Vacancy Announcement for UNEP-NEECA GEF Funded Project National Project Manager

Current Status of Pakistan Energy label Fans

Advertisement & Tender Document "Design,Supply,Installation,Testing & Commissioning of On-Grid Solar Power System"

Current Status of Pakistan Energy label Fans

Meeting on Developing Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Criteria for inclusion in PC-1s

International Energy Efficiency Webinar December 20, 2016 at 10 AM

Stakeholder meeting with fan manufacturers and associations

Energy Audit in Industries/Buildings has been started

International Energy Efficiency Webinar December 20, 2016 at 10 AM

Facilitation of Establishment of Public Complaints Resolution Mechanism

Consultants Required

Consultative Meeting with all Provinces,Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK Energy Department

3rd Joint Meeting on Developing Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Criteria for inclusion in PC-1s

EnergyLabel Authorization Certificate Distribution Ceremony at Ministry of Water and Power on Wednesday 27-7-16 at 2:30 pm

President of Pakistan assented the National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Bill 2016


Auction of Vehicle



National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Bill 2015 presented in National Assembly on 18 Feb 2016

Meeting with US Department of Energy (DOE) delegation on 10 Feb 2016

Meeting with US Department of Energy (DOE) delegation on 9 Feb 2016

Sessions Conducted in Beacon House, Peshawar Road for Girls and Boys on 20th January, 2016


National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Awards 2015-2016

Meeting with Telecommunication Companies to Discuss shifting of Telecommunication Towers on Solar Energy

3rd Stakeholders Workshop on Energy Efficient Lighting is going to be held on 21st December 2015 at PC Hotel LAHORE

Expression For Interest (EOI) for Detailed Energy Audits of Industrial Units and Building.10-12-2015

Meeting of the Selective Task Force members for Developing Compliance Handbook of the building Code on 8-12-15 at 11:00 am

2nd Stakeholders Workshop on ENERCON-UNEP Project

36th Board Of Directors (BOD) Meeting and 14th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of ECF



1st Stakeholders Workshop on Efficient Lighting Project

NAMA Guidebook

Promotional Material

Sectoral Initiatives


  1. Introduce and facilitate Energy Audits in Industries and promote targeted technical services.
  2. Encourage and promote better housekeeping and implementation of low-cost, fast payback energy conservation measures in industry.
  3. Promote energy efficient combustion processes, instrumentation and control and metering practices in industry.
  4. Develop MIS on Energy Efficiency Potentials indices; and BAT/BAP Best Available Energy Efficient Techniques
  5. Promote energy efficiency conservation modernization and revamps


  1. Support the deployment of cost-effective and environment friendly technologies for electricity production from Coal.
  2. Promote Co-Generation as a means to plug power deficits.
  3. Collaborate with WAPDA and utilities to devise and enforce efficient administrative and technical measures for promoting DSM and conservation projects/programs.
  4. Collaborate with power utilities in reducing T&D losses as well as energy loss reduction on the generation sides.


  1. Promote use of better fuel quality and quality automotive lubricants.
  2. Promote regular tune-ups of vehicles and energy efficient driving practices.
  3. Assist strengthening the institution of motor vehicle examiner at local levels.
  4. Facilitate local production and import of low-sulphur diesel fuel.
  5. Promote safe disposal of waste from automotive workshops.
  6. Promote cycling culture and pedestrianization.
  7. Promote CNG as preferred fuel; and local manufacture of CNG systems.
  8. Promote conservation in other modes of transportation like railways, shipping and aviation.
  9. Promote mass transit public transport systems and institute Fleet Management practices. Set model solutions for public transport.


  1. Encourage and facilitate introduction of energy audits in commercial and community buildings.
  2. Encourage adoption of energy efficient considerations in the household.
  3. Evaluate Building and Insulation materials for energy efficient characteristics.
  4. Encourage use of energy efficient equipment, fixtures and appliances in buildings.
  5. Develop/update a Building Energy Code for the country and institute measures for its compliance.
  6. Promote use of energy efficient HVAC and lighting practices in buildings.
  7. Develop appropriate database/MIS with respect to energy conservation in building.
  8. Promote energy efficient building design and ensure compliance with Building Energy Code.


  1. Promote Energy efficient agriculture tractor and farm machinery
  2. Promote Energy efficient tube wells and Water Pumping Stations.
  3. Coordinate/Integrate water pumping activities with proper water resources.
  4. Promote energy efficient practices through education, information dissemination, outreach and demonstration.

Renewable Energy:

  1. Promote development and deployment of Biogas Units; Bring Livestock Farms and Diary Industry in the loop.
  2. Promote development and deployment of Solar Thermal technologies like solar water heater and solar desalinaters, driers etc.
  3. Promote development and deployment of cost- effective solar and wind energy technologies.
  4. Promote development of Micro and Mini-Hydel Plants.
  5. Promote use of new and alternate sources of energy wherever cost-effective and feasible.