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Current Status of Pakistan Energy label Fans

Advertisement & Tender Document "Design,Supply,Installation,Testing & Commissioning of On-Grid Solar Power System"

Current Status of Pakistan Energy label Fans

Meeting on Developing Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Criteria for inclusion in PC-1s

International Energy Efficiency Webinar December 20, 2016 at 10 AM

Stakeholder meeting with fan manufacturers and associations

Energy Audit in Industries/Buildings has been started

International Energy Efficiency Webinar December 20, 2016 at 10 AM

Facilitation of Establishment of Public Complaints Resolution Mechanism

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Consultative Meeting with all Provinces,Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK Energy Department

3rd Joint Meeting on Developing Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Criteria for inclusion in PC-1s

EnergyLabel Authorization Certificate Distribution Ceremony at Ministry of Water and Power on Wednesday 27-7-16 at 2:30 pm

President of Pakistan assented the National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Bill 2016


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National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Bill 2015 presented in National Assembly on 18 Feb 2016

Meeting with US Department of Energy (DOE) delegation on 10 Feb 2016

Meeting with US Department of Energy (DOE) delegation on 9 Feb 2016

Sessions Conducted in Beacon House, Peshawar Road for Girls and Boys on 20th January, 2016


National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Awards 2015-2016

Meeting with Telecommunication Companies to Discuss shifting of Telecommunication Towers on Solar Energy

3rd Stakeholders Workshop on Energy Efficient Lighting is going to be held on 21st December 2015 at PC Hotel LAHORE

Expression For Interest (EOI) for Detailed Energy Audits of Industrial Units and Building.10-12-2015

Meeting of the Selective Task Force members for Developing Compliance Handbook of the building Code on 8-12-15 at 11:00 am

2nd Stakeholders Workshop on ENERCON-UNEP Project

36th Board Of Directors (BOD) Meeting and 14th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of ECF



1st Stakeholders Workshop on Efficient Lighting Project

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National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Awards 2015-2016

Pakistan economy uses a variety of energy sources both commercial and non-commercial. The energy supply system that has developed over the years depends more and more on fossil fuel, the availability of which is limited. In the absence of adequate measures on demand management, country is becoming increasingly dependent on the imports of fossil fuels, especially petroleum products but increasingly ongas and of coal as well. This raises concerns of energy and economic security because of the supply uncertainties and price volatility associated with imported fuels. In addition, the domestic development of energy resources is beset with serious environmental implications, which limits growth of domestic supply. At the same time increasing the quality of life of our citizens and supporting the rapid growth of our economy demands that energy services are continuously enhanced.

Consequently, the efficient use of energy and its conservation becomes essential so as to enable enhanced energy services reining in the growth in energy supply. The industrial sector in Pakistan is a major energy user, accounting more than 38% of energy consumption. The sector has become increasingly energy-intensive over time, which is partly due to investments made in basic and energy intensive industries due to the emphasis laid in the past development plans on achieving self-reliance. There are wide variations in energy consumption among different units within the same industrial sector using comparable technology. The energy savings potential in this sector is enormous. Despite the large potential for energy efficiency investments having financially attractive returns, only a small fraction is actually being tapped. There is thus a need for concerted efforts, whether voluntary or otherwise to promote energy efficiency in the industrial sector.

National Energy Conservation Centre (ENERCON) is responsible for spearheading the improvement of energy efficiency of the economy through various regulatory and promotional instruments. Consequently, ENERCON/ECF has launched a scheme to encourage, motivate and recognize through “National Energy Efficiency And Conservation Awards 2015-16” the industrial units and building establishments who have taken extra efforts to reduce energy intensities. The scheme is aimed to create an environment that would spur industries in achieving excellence in efficient use of energy conservation. The Awards were given away first time by ENERCON in 90’s decade which honored the pioneering efforts of the progressive industrial units and other commercial establishments, which realized and benefited through adoption of energy conservation measures and also sent a message which encouraged many of other peers in the country to follow suit.

The present scheme is open to the all industrial units in the following Large /Medium/Small Scale Industries in the following sectors:

Automobile Distillery & brewery Rice & flour mills Refineries
Aluminium Drug & pharmaceuticals Integrated steel Steel re-rolling
Cement Edible oil/Banaspati Mining Sugar
Chemicals Fertilizers Paints & allied products Tea
Ceramics Food processing Paper & pulp Textile
Chlor-alkali Foundries Petrochemicals Leather/tannery
Consumer goods manufacturing Forging Plastic Tyre plants
Dairy Glass Refractory General category

Buildings in the following categories and having electrical load of 125 KVA and above are also eligible to participate:

Commercial/Office Building Hotels Hospitals Shopping Plazas/Malls

01Award Questionnaire - Automobile
02. Award Questionnaire - Dairy & Beverage Industry
03. Award Questionnaire - Distillaries & Breweries
04. Award Questionnaire - Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

05. Award Questionnaire - Fertilizer & Cement Industry
06. Award Questionnaire - Food Processing
07. Award Questionnaire - General Industry
08. Award Questionnaire - Glass, Ceramics & Refractories Industry
09. Award Questionnaire - Hospital & Hotels
10. Award Questionnaire - Metal & Engineering Industry
11. Award Questionnaire - Offices-Commercial Buildings-Shopping Malls
12. Award Questionnaire - Pulp & Paper Industry
13. Award Questionnaire - Refineries & Petrochemicals Industry
14. Award Questionnaire - Rubber & Leather Industry
15. Award Questionnaire - Sugar
16. Award Questionnaire - Textile
17. Award Questionnaire - Vegetable Oil & Ghee Industry